Sustainability transitions, transformation and beyond: Alignment and diversity in theory and practice


Capacity building for research collaborations and advancement of research themes at the Department of Environment, Development and Sustainability Studies.

Sustainability challenge

The role of universities and knowledge production in supporting and enacting deliberate societal change towards sustainability.

Form of collaboration

Interdisciplinary collaboration with researchers at Södertörn University and beyond.


2021-10-14 Academic workshop on Sustainability Transitions and Transformations, Södertörn University

2021-11-18 Open seminar on Sustainability Transitions and Transformations with invited panelists from Linköping University, Uppsala University and Södertörn University


Funded by the internal Call for Research and writing collaborations for the advancement of the Research themes at the Department of Environment, development and sustainability studies, 2021.

Key publications

Stalmokaitė I., Saunders F., Johansson J, Hassler B., 2021 ”Sustainability transformations – research in the Baltic and beyond” Baltic Rim Economies Review, Issue 5 pp. 20-21


Björn Hassler, Fred Saunders, Johanna Johansson, Ignė Stalmokaitė