Öppet hus och presentation av projektet GoLiFeDays

Tisdag 5 april är SustainLab tillbaka i bibliotekets lounge. Då får vi besök av Joshua Ndip Ako som berättar om sitt projekt GoLiFeDays.

Kom förbi och prata med SustainLab 11.00-14.00
Joshua Ndip Ako berättar om sitt projekt 12.30
Var? Södertörns högskolebibliotek, loungen


GoLiFeDays is a platform for students’ communities to communicate, network, discover, and share knowledge about environmental sustainability. The vision is to give students the tools to share different perspectives about their campus sustainability innovations and allow them to interact and share best practices, products, and resources about sustainability projects on their campuses with students in other universities and colleges, and with virtual communities around the world. Because environmental sustainability has become a major focus in higher education, Joshua Ndip Ako is interested in creating an educational platform that will connect students with communities of shared interests in environmental sustainability.