About us

SustainLab Sh was inaugurated on the 1st of January 2021 to be a meeting place for ideas and suggestions on sustainability. As a hub, it will gather researchers and students within and outside of Södertörn University for collaborative projects with partners in the wider society. One of the main ambitions is to exchange experiences of transdisciplinary and co-developmental research and forward these in synthesized forms to training and education programs. It will function as a broker between stakeholders facing sustainability challenges and students or researchers at Södertörn University, providing ideas on suitable forms of collaboration for the challenges at hand.

In a similar fashion SustainLab will link up promising research to partners with capacities to adapt and implement the research results.  Having a scope from local to global cooperations, SustainLab will cover the widest possible range of sustainability issues. The UN 2030 Agenda is a guidelineinspire our for activities, but the SustainLab’s approach is also well anchored in more than 50 years of scientific and practical debates on the barriers and opportunities to accomplish more sustainable livelihoods. While aspiring for solutions close to what is considered as strong sustainability, the approach is pragmatic and related to what can be achievable in the situation at hand. The SustainLab approach can be described as responsive and responsible rather than normative.